Periodontology is a science which is closely related to every branch of dentistry.

Periodontal Diseases progress very insidiously, because there are no night-waking pains, patients sometimes live with this disease for years, when their teeth grow and sway, they visit dentists when they start to move, but often they lose their teeth because they notice it at the last stage. As with any disease, treatment is easier, less costly and successful.

The factors that cause periodontal diseases are divided into two parts as chemical and physical ones.

Micro-organisms and therapeutic drugs are the source of chemical agents. Moororganisms are an important factor in the onset, continuation and progression of periodontal disease, and the complexity of the disease.

Oral flora may also be impaired by age, diet, composition of saliva, flow rate and systemic diseases. Physical factors; industrial damages, calculus, food buildup, hot food and cigarettes, hard food pieces and direct trauma, false tooth brushing, sharp and flood fillings, dry mouth, perplexed teeth, lack of
function (unilateral chewing), habits (nail eating, pencil biting) , thread breakage, etc.), tooth grinding (bruxism), clenching.

Simple denture cleaning every six months and re-education of oral hygiene by the physician, prevention of the factors causing motivation of periodontal disease before reaching to more serious results, and discovery and treatment of small caries before the loss of teeth will prevent the loss of teeth.


Every person wants a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile requires a good aesthetic, and nowadays, sometimes we get very nice smiles as a result of the big differences we create with small touches. we start working.

Although the teeth will be cut without cutting any more than 0.3 mm.mineden abrasive porcelain laminate veneers (lamina or leafy porcelain) with very successful smiles capture. gingivoplasty by the gum disease specialist (periodontologist).

The role of the experienced technician in this work is also very large. As a result of a team work we can create very perfect natural beautiful smiles.

Nowadays, aesthetic expectation is very high. Interdental openings, broken worn front teeth, etc. It is made with porcelain laminate veneer as well as with less cost-effective composite resins. Of course, these applications of the physician's experience, aesthetic view, hand dexterity and patience is very important.


Implant is one of the most beautiful solutions offered to patients as a result of dental loss. In cases where the implant is sufficient jaw bone, instead of the lost teeth, titanium metal or specially designed zirconium and titanium high-performance alloys are screwed into the jawbone. In some ... Read more


To explain the root canal treatment, it is the treatment of caries that start from the enamel layer of the tooth to the dentin layer under the enamel and then reach the nerve connective tissue in the canals located in the roots of the tooth. In this case, the treatment should be done by ... Read more


Oral Diagnosis is the diagnosis and treatment planning. A good examination is the first step for a good diagnosis and treatment planning. Every treatment process in dentistry is planned together with a good diagnosis. The basis of modern treatment is diagnosis. anamnesis should be taken and ... Read more


Preventive dentistry should come to the fore in children. They should visit the dentist every six months from the age of three.

Introducing children to the dentist from a very young age will prevent their fears from occurring and tooth brushing, oral hygiene motivation will occur. Because the food adheres very easily to the recesses and the children cannot brush beautiful at that age, the young permanent teeth or milk teeth begin to decay from the first fissures, but with a simple preventive treatment, the fissures (recesses) on the recessed protruding chewing surfaces of the teeth with a special fluid. We will eliminate the possibility of tooth decay by covering the teeth. This is both a short procedure and an application that increases the confidence of children in physicians.

Each of the milk teeth must remain in the mouth at a certain time. In this time, the development of the permanent teeth under the milk teeth is expected. may remain buried or may come from a different place.The result of this will be the child's orthodontic treatment. Therefore, it is very important to take precautions before decaying the milk tooth or after decaying the milk teeth. making a conservative will prevent orthodontic treatment which is both more troublesome and more costly for the patient.


Prosthesis are artificial teeth that are planned as fixed or movable to replace the lost, extracted teeth. Prosthesis. In case of single tooth loss, if the implant is not to be considered, the two teeth in front and behind should be reduced and a triple bridge should be made. Because the teeth will ... Read more